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  • User AvatarMauriceNathan { Hi Eric Sorry I found it on the on screen view option } – Sep 21, 10:33 AM
  • User AvatarMauriceNathan { Hi Eric In start edition when opening section tool it does not appear in the view option to have true line, to make the section... } – Sep 21, 10:28 AM
  • User AvatarEric Bobrow { Ian - I sent you a file a couple of weeks ago for testing, but didn't receive a reply. Did you get my email? Eric } – Sep 20, 1:42 PM
  • User AvatarEric Bobrow { I have created a version of MasterTemplate 18 INT for testing that seems to work OK (two people have tried it and it didn't crash,... } – Sep 20, 1:34 PM
  • User AvatarEric Bobrow { Hi Giancarlo - When you create a new master layout, it starts out blank, and you can add a title block to it either by... } – Sep 20, 1:32 PM
  • User AvatarGiancarloManzanares { Hi Eric, is there a way to insert a default title block like the one you worked with in the video? Because I have just... } – Sep 19, 5:50 PM
  • User AvatarCharalamposMatthaiou { Hi Eric, sent an email 2 days ago ( about the same issue (AC18 INT AMT crash) but nobody replied. Any news? } – Sep 19, 5:44 PM
  • User AvatarEric Bobrow { Ian - I have had a few scattered reports of similar crashes with the international version of MasterTemplate 18. I have been on vacation this... } – Sep 07, 9:10 PM
  • User AvatarIan Craig { Hi Eric Your reply still dosent explain why Archicad crashes when opening the Master template 18 product, it opens in the normal way until the... } – Sep 05, 4:12 AM
  • User AvatarEric Bobrow { Hello Ian - MasterTemplate is a cross-platform product, like all ArchiCAD files. The development is done on a Mac, which is why the files say... } – Sep 03, 2:32 AM
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Week #8 – ArchiCAD’s Structure: The Navigator, Part 1
8-2. Intro to View Settings

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 8-2)

This 11 minute lesson gives an introduction to View Settings. We look at how you can create Views, what each of the settings refers to, and how you can revise and manage Views.

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ArchiCAD Training: Intro to View Settings

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