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Week #6 – Save Your Favorite Settings
6-3. Room Modules

ArchiCAD Training (Best Practices Lesson 6-3)

In this third video (20 minutes long), I explore the idea of saving and reusing room configurations or any group of elements that you might be able to bring in to a project to save time while designing.

These configurations can be simply copied and pasted from another project. However, for optimum efficiency, frequently used groupings can be placed into a template file, or maintained in external Module or PLN files.

Please post your comments and questions below.


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ArchiCAD Training: Room Modules

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  1. JohnDunham
    3 years ago

    I appreciate your explanation of some of the subtleties of bringing in the modules ie merging vs pasting, etc., and being able to modify them later or not. I think that a whole lesson could be done on all the various ways of referencing / copying information between and within files, particularly when the previous week’s lessons on notes and specs is included (eg the suble difference in the Drawing Manager of ‘Link to’ and ‘Read from’.) Thanks for the insights!

  2. Graham Richmond
    4 years ago

    Thanks for an excellent presentation as usual. I had to laugh though… 1 minute into the presentation you offered another incidental revelation about basic functionality that I should have known 12 months ago… the Quick Selection function. Still scratching my head wondering how on earth I didn’t figure it out for myself… would have saved me a lot of frustration.
    Cheers… Graham